About Us

DivineStreams was originally envisioned in 2009 but was later established in February of 2011. As part of a growing brand which aims to align peoples' lives with their communication needs, DivineStreams is wholly devoted to providing premium quality streaming solutions at low prices.

DivineStreams offers an extensive range of streaming packages designed to cater for the diverse needs of our customers. Prices start at £10.00/month for our smallest 128Kbps/100 Slots Shoutcast/Icecast pplan, and we can scale up or down to any Kbps/Slots instantly on request. All plans are guaranteed 99.9% hosting uptime!

DivineStreams uses only state of the art servers: running powerful multi core processors with high RAM and dependable drives. We use an array of datacenters, and our close relationship with them results in the best server environments to provide fast, secure and reliable performance at all times.

DivineStreams boasts of a friendly and helpful support team. Feel free to get in touch with us via the contact page.